31 days till our JOURNEY to India!


My name is John and this is my wife Hope. She is the light of my life . Her heart is to love children as the Father has loved us. I am so excited about what the Lord has called us to do.

John and I are newly weds, married 7 months TODAY!!! When John started to pursue me I asked him what he wanted to do for forever. He said, “be a father.” In 3 months we were married:) He is such an honoring and loving leader for our family.

In 2010 Hope started Hope Again International, a performing arts non profit organization whose purpose is to rescue and restore children from global sex trafficking. This year we are headed to Pune, India to open our first safe home called Homeland for Hope.

Every 30 seconds a child is sold into this industry.
Some of these children are as young as 4 years old. I have seen children owned by a brothel and I have held them  in my arms.  It must move us to ACTION!

We need your help and want you to be apart of Hope Again’s journey, in the war against this global epidemic.
Give Hope by supporting us! We would be honored to have you partner with us in prayer and in finances. If you would like to donate please contact us at love.johnandhope@gmail.com. Checks can be mailed to : John and Hope Borthick  500 5th Ave W. Springfield, TN 37172

To give directly to Hope Again International go to our website hopeagaininternational.org and click the Donate tab.
Stay connected by following our personal blog here at lovejohnandhope.com!

I am hope
We are hope


One response to “31 days till our JOURNEY to India!

  1. Loved reading your post…You are amazing people and the cause you are supporting really touched me…My grand mom is a member of an NGO where she works for rehabilitation of destitute children…Many of these children have faced sexual abuse.
    I also try to do my bit by sponsoring the education of 5 girls in India, till they reach the age of 18.
    I wish you all the best and my prayers are with you…..

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