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We are home AGAIN from the hospital. BABE is 15 WEEKS today (Sunday)! Oh my, this week has been a bit hectic and definitely a time to put that word trust into action.


12.10.13 @ 4:00 am
I wake up (as usual since pregnancy) to go to the bathroom. Only this time I decided to turn on the light. I remember John looking up out of the bed with a face of confusion as to why in the world I would turn the light on. He immediately says, “Are you okay sweetheart?” After just a few moments I realize that I am not okay, I am bleeding. We quickly woke up our friends and used their phone to call my OBGYN here in India. She was definitely in a deep sleep when she answered but calmly talked me through what was going on. She asked me to meet her at the hospital first thing in the morning to do a sonography. John began to pray over me and the baby for peace and protection. After getting back in bed we called my momma. I needed to hear her voice so badly. She told me that everything was going to be fine and that occasionally this happens during pregnancy. When we got off the phone I was relaxed and decided to write a prayer in the baby’s love book. One thing I wrote said, “I hope that one day my voice will bring you as much peace as my momma’s voice has.” John asked me to pray aloud and to ask God if our baby was okay. When I did this I felt Papa say in my heart “Relax, Hope…your baby will be just fine.”

We have recently made friends with a wonderful Hindu couple. They live just a few floors below us and have shown us so much hospitality. The hospital is about 15 minutes away from our home and a very bumpy ride if you take a rickshaw (which you might have read in my previous blog at, so we knew that their car would be a safer option. Upon arrival at Columbia Asia we received a very concerned welcoming committee at the door. They quickly took us back for the ultrasound. During the test they do not allow the husband in the room until near completion, then they always call John in to see the baby and hear the heart beat. The ultrasound was started but after 10 minutes of concentration and searching nothing was said. The sound recognition for the heart beat was not turned on. So I began to panic inside. I looked over at my doctors assistant and she made a motion that everything was okay. My heart broke and I just started weeping. Both doctors immediately said, “Hope, Hope! Your baby looks perfect, the heart beat is good and it is doing wonderfully, everything is okay.” They went to get John to show us both our little sunshine. He or she was dancing in there and the heart beat was strong! After much searching they found a marginal separation between the uterus and the placenta near the very bottom opening, there a small blood clot around 4 cm sat. I was admitted for three days for observation and strict bed rest.

There will be a follow up ultrasound in 10 days and I am to be on strict bed rest for the following month as precaution. We will be spending some time on our balcony in the gorgeous sun, reading, writing, and trying to fatten me up! John has been a wonderful chef. His love for me is overwhelming and I could not have a better husband to care for me through all of this. At week 14 it is said that baby has full voice recognition. So John and I have been talking to him/her often. My parents, grandparents, and siblings have even been sending vocal recordings through WhatsApp for me to play for the baby. It is so precious to hear their voices and their words of encouragement. Even my amazing 9 year old nephew Carter sent me a prayer of authority over sickness and that wholeness would take place in my body, that the enemy has no place to be near my Aunt and my Uncle John. He prayed with passion and with the belief that God was answering his prayer the moment he was praying it. We were both moved to tears (as we have been on a frequent basis here in India).

While I am resting I have been soaking in the presence of God and declaring His promises over my body and our baby. Right now I declare a supernatural release of angels over my life to begin to minister to my baby. I believe that You are Jehovah my Lord and the provider of my needs. I know that you know all of the needs of my baby, I know that you and only you will supply. You said that the generations of the upright will be blessed. I know your angels are at attention right now listening to your word. I thank you that my seed will be mighty on this earth. I thank you that the generations that are birthed from my womb will be blessed by you because they will walk upright in spirit and in truth. I declare that this baby will live passionately for you! Father I choose to bless you today, and I declare that our child will bless your name.

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(I am also enjoying my new mommie body pillow that john surprised me with when we got home from the hospital!)

The last time I was put on bed rest was my senior year of high school. During that time God told me to put college on hold, turn down my scholarships and go to India. I knew nothing of India and had no desire to go. So I began to ask why. He revealed so much of His heart for me and my relationship with Him grew immensely. And well, the rest of the story you know. Hope Again International would have never been started and my eyes to human trafficking may not have been opened at such a young age. So, even though entering into a season of “rest” does not sound very appealing. I know that there is purpose behind it. We will have most of our Hope Again International meetings moved here to our home and action for Homeland for Hope will continue. I am so thankful for the team here with me and for their heart for justice. This upcoming weekend John Parks will be speaking to a group of women in the Red Light District and sharing the Fathers love with them, and his wife Brittany will now be teaching some dance choreography for the women to perform for a special Christmas service that will take place in the midst of the brothels.

On Friday evening we will be at our friends home to celebrate Christmas with singing and worship, stories, board games, and TONS of baked sweets (including homemade cinnamon rolls, pies, challah, cookies, fudge, and our other favorites)! It is wonderful to have believers in the land welcome you as family. Christmas is not about what you give or what you receive. It is about being together. And honestly, that in itself is more than enough.

Your love and prayers are cherished. Stay tuned. We will continue to update through our weekly blog at and bi-monthly at our pregnancy blog at!


4 responses to “hospital.

  1. My heart jumped into my throat when I began hearing about your problems….takes me back to my childbearing years….sometimes it is so hard to try and figure out what God has planned for us…learned it is best not to even try…just trust Him, which was always so hard to do back then. I know now that my faith was not strong enough then. The years following all of that have greatly increased it. So good to hear that you are getting great care there….hope that hospital is India’s, Vanderbilt. Please do the Bed Rest as instructed and am so glad that John is taking good care of you! God bless you both……..Love, Aunt Faye

  2. Rebekah, I am so glad to hear from you. I remember having a tear or separation when I was pregnant with Jeana at the end. I am praying for you and your child. I know the Lord is going to take care of you and so you must take care of yourself. Don’t get out of that bed!!! Sounds like you have got a jewel in John and that he is doing everything possible to keep you where you need to be. Just listen to him. I pray for you all everyday.
    Love to you,
    Aunt Gail

  3. It is common. I know you were terrified. They will probably monitor you closely for the rest of the pregnancy. God is with you, your husband and that precious little one. He has great plans forvyou all. Get plenty of rest and stay hydrated. Prayers for you all

  4. o Hope I started getting tears in my eyes when I started reading this. I am so glad that God is taking care of you. I love you girl and I miss you. And of course they would take you into their home, because you are truly a sweet, caring, loving, charming and beautiful country girl! Merry CHRISTmas!!!!!!!!

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