Thank you. Thanks be to God for the out-pouring of your love for our family. We appreciate everyone that came to our departure party. The love and encouragement each one of you expressed uplifted our spirits. Leaving friends and family is never easy, but leaving with the support of those we hold dear is a sweet sadness.
We have reached India safely and with speed because of your prayers. We were even blessed to have extra sleep on our departure date. I just did not realize at the time that it was a blessing. We flew over three continents and two oceans. The trip was eighteen hours in the air and ten in the airports. Can anyone say “jet-lag” in Hindi? I am glad if you can. Can I take lessons?
Okay, questions that you might have… 1. We eat with our hands. 2. We use the floor as table and chair. (Not to say there are no chairs, but it is not necessary for everyone in the room to have one.) 3. Water is available, but we drink filtered water. I am sure more questions will arise, and we will answer as we know and are able.
We met Dr. Edwards. She is the lady who is running an orphanage for HIV positive children. She is a wise and tender-hearted mother. We will be spending more time with her. Already the LORD has started opening doors for us to meet with people and share our dream.
We attended church this morning. Our team was honored in front of the congregation. The body of Christ is full of His Spirit. We danced, sang, played and prayed. John Parks preached and prophesied over the body.
As we were fellowshipping afterward a small lady, shorter than my wife, fell to the ground as she was exiting the house. Others came to help and she started writhing on the ground. She convulsed and snapped her jaws at those who were helping to hold her still. A group formed around her and started praying. As the prayers became more intense the lashing and snapping intensified also. Anguish and disgust radiated from her features as her eyes moved from face to face of those calling on Jesus to come and restore her body. As we prayed for different parts of her body and broke off in Jesus’ name anything that was not of him she stilled. The possessor left her and she slowly got up moments later.
Did I want to see people set free? Did I want to see people healed in Jesus’ name? Do I want to walk as the apostles and disciples did? Yes. Did I expect it so soon or in the Church? No, the timing is not like I would have thought. Then I wonder when is a good time to see a demon cast out, the blind to see, the freedom to come to the oppressed. The only answer is now.


6 responses to “arrived.

  1. So wonderful to hear the amazing things God is doing in India! Praying and excited to hear what He will be doing through both of you. And, by the way, congratulations!

  2. Knew you would hit the ground running, He has gone before you, ordering our steps, pouring out His spirit to heal and free the captive, but also to remind you 4 from the outset, that He is with you mightily and will take care of you at every turn! What clear affirmation as you begin this journey in India. What a faithful, gracious Father we serve! This is a sign of whats to come, your ministry there will be marked by signs and wonders, but also in the simplest of things that we often miss. Its in the seemingly insignificant things our God moves mountains and speaks so clearly. Take time to listen sweet ones, be still and receive from Him. Thrilled for what lies ahead, thankful for the
    hands you rest in and the wings that cover you 5 :) much love and blessings to you all – momma kim

  3. hello bro. I came to know the wonderful work you are doing by my colleague. I am impressed by your dedication. All the best. Our GOD will also be with you.

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