Movement is at hand. Daily we have team time where the seven of us pray together, worship and truly seek after the Fathers heart. What is He showing us? Where is He leading us? These are the questions that arise on an hourly basis, but it is the beauty of remaining in constant communication with the Creator that gives us hope.

As I said before, we are foreigners standing on ground that is not our own. The truth is that it is His land. So call us radical or call us crazy, we are positioning ourselves and we are waiting with a purpose. This is the season of life we are in. We choose to own it, to claim it as ours. Never did we think that leaving our home, family, friends, and careers would be an easy assignment. It was not an option to stay. We are not working for God, we are working WITH God and we are on His time. His vision for our lives far surpasses anything our humanistic minds could envision. So we say yes. We trust that His direction is not only intended but it is active. Active does not mean easy, but it DOES mean appointed.


India (with 1.3 BILLION people) is one-third the size of the United States (with 313 million people). Maharashtra is the state where we are residing with 113 million people. With sex trafficking being the second most lucrative crime, young women and children are in high DEMAND. In the last 10 years the number of children sold and raped in India has increased by 336%! Poverty is at the root of most sales and communities are grooming their daughters for this industry. Once a prostituted child is at age to conceive they are then allowed to become pregnant, and if the gender is female then the child is allowed to stay. The brothel owners use this as a form of manipulation to entice the women to stay in the system promising to provide for their children. They have placed them in a city where they know no one, they are penniless, they are beaten and they are drugged. ALL access to their former family is immediately cut off when sold. Pimps, whom they are now forced to call Papa, and Madams, who they now call Momma expect that once they are no longer usable (age 19-23) then their daughter will take their place in the brothel. I will go into further detail in future blogs as we begin to work more with the women and children of the Red Light District.

(photo rights

The proper foundation for Homeland for Hope must be laid. Thats why we are here. It has taken three years to see our registration with the government approved. Hope Again International is officially a registered trust/non-profit in India. Legally we can begin our journey. Now, we need land. Next, an architect. Then, staff. Then, supplies. Then, our children. All of this takes contacts within the land, connections with government leaders, wisdom from those who have gone before us and MORE faith than one can imagine…not to mention finances. If one fears how we are to afford such an establishment, then I would direct him or her to the One who has all of the finances. Fear will keep you isolated. Fear will keep these children locked away with their invisible chains where no one will hear their cries or rescue them from their pain. Yes, we must be prevention focused. Yes, we must be education driven. But what about the lives that are held captive now? The nine year old who has eight customers a night, where is her freedom? Where is her voice and who is willing to war against oppression and see her identity restored?

In the middle of corruption, our steps are being directed. Seven days ago a few words, scriptures and promises were given:

I am bringing the land. Do NOT grow weary. I have promised it to you. I keep my promises. With every step my authority is there. I keep my promises. The land is coming, so be obedient when you see my doors opening. The architect will follow. Position yourselves. -God


At random I will do the “open and point method.” C’mon I know you have tried that before!? When I looked under my finger I was at Joshua 13:1 and was pointing at these words “and there remaineth yet very much land to be possessed.”

Seven days later, tonight, a divine meeting took place. It was unplanned and completely arbitrary. I am eager to share the full story with you when we know more. As pieces of this mosaic come together, I see so much beauty in these directed steps. The reality of “someone giving us land” is not unfathomable, it is in fact only a matter of time when something is ordained.


3 responses to “movement.

  1. Hope, I would like to set up a monthly auto pay to give to your mission. Please let me know how. Thank you and john for what you are doing thru Him.
    Love, Kristi schmidt.

  2. I love reading your posts, they are so moving and real… God lives within you & through you and it’s such an amazing thing what you and John are doing there in India. I look forward to your newsletters being emailed to me every Sunday.. I think about you guys a lot & miss seeing y’all at Ichiban’s. I hope everything continues to prosper with your movement of freedom for these young women! Prayers from Springfield & don’t stop what you’re doing, God needs more people like you and John 💜

  3. I love yall and will continue to pray for yall everyday. Please take good care of yourself and the baby. Sorry yall got sick and praying no more sickness comes your way. Eat healthy, drink plenty of h20 and rest! I know john is taking great care of my fave cuz. Yall be careful. May God be with yall and work through yall. Love you both :)

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