(our new home)

Don’t drink the water. Do not open your mouth in the shower. Use bottled water to brush your teeth with. Repeat these statements about 17,000 times, and you will understand the advice I gathered before leaving for India. Well, maybe not 17,000, but I still heard it many times. I took the advice, packed my travel sack and left. Three weeks later on the eve of Thanksgiving, I began trading positions with the bathroom and bed.


(our air conditioned hospital/weekend retreat!)

Four days later we are out of the hospital, without paying the “international rate,” and on the mend. The diagnosis was viral and bacterial infection, the standard double whammy. My beautiful wife was also afflicted by the same thing.


(like I said Beautiful)

She is a champ! While I am in bed with chills and fever she, twelve weeks pregnant and getting more lovely by the day, is wrapping blankets around me as I shiver out of them. She starts reading the Word about having the elders come and lay hands on the sick (James 5). I mumble for her to wake our friends in the house to pray for us. They come and after the prayer my shivers cease. Our LORD is amazing. My wife and I are healed and continue to get stronger by the day. Thank you for your continuous prayers.

We met with an American couple that are working for an organization here that works on getting underage girls out of brothels. This couple was sitting directly in front of us at a Christmas candlelight concert we attended. Asking for guidance from the LORD may seem strange, and sometimes leaves you wondering what is going on, but our journey is marked with blessings from following small suggestions. I am having a blast! It is great to see how the LORD comes through time and time again. Each time I am undercut, a smile streams from my face as I realize the LORD just revealed a bit to me and all of our team.


(our American team)

Thank you LORD for your closeness! Continue to guide and aid us here. Bless those who are praying for us. Their continued support is felt and loved. Thank you Jesus! Amen.

A special shout out to our “ambulance driver,” Eddie; our foreigner litigator, Eddie; and great friend, Eddie. Thank you and your wonderful family.


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