Next week we will receive our first Hope Again International volunteers! We are excited about hosting them and sharing in their purposes within the kingdom. Teaching will begin for women within the Red Light District this year and a partnership will be formed with Worthwhilewear here in Pune so that they can begin a self sustaining life of their own. We must provide tools and vocational training to assist them in restarting a new life. This year you will begin to see NEW items on our website at under the MARKET tab . These items will be hand made here in India. When you purchase an item you are not just receiving a good but you are aiding in the rebuilding of lives! There are two surrounding cities within a 12 hour train ride that we will be visiting during the month of January. In those cities we will be meeting with our contacts and pursuing land. This process has been in progress since before coming to India, but it requires our presence here in the country. There are much details that concern this decision. Most importantly is the safety of the children we will be receiving. After speaking with rescue NGO’s here that specialize only in the rescue process we have found that our children will at least need to be 12 hours from their place of purchase for rehabilitation in Homeland for Hope. Lots of paperwork with the government to claim land is required to set proper deeds in place such as a notable lawyer that not only you trust but has good standings within the political system, requirements in NGO paperwork is vastly different than that of the U.S. Once a deed is signed and a home is entering in the registering process Hope Again International staff from our NGO must include activities of visiting and meeting with other homes being ran for trafficked Women and Children for one full year; this is part of MANDATE 3 and is a required law through the Indian government. During our time here we have already met 19 vital contacts to aid in each step that we will be taking over the next year. Your prayer is the most valuable possession to our team here. We are asking that you pray for: -Favor within the government and court system -Land deed and possession in a timely manner -Finances for Hope Again International to reach our building goal -Safety within the Red Light District brothels during our search for children -Strong additions to our Advisory Board here in our home office Drawing prayer circles is simply a metaphor that means to pray without ceasing. When I was taking the State Boards for nursing my parents drove me to the testing center and before entering my daddy said, “Hope, lets go for a walk.” Of course increased blood circulation aids in brain function so I immediately said yes! We arrived an hour early so there was plenty of time before the finger scanning, picture taking and swearing in before the exam began. We started our walk around the massive testing center and got three full laps in before I entered for which could have been an extremely successful day for my career or a very disappointing one. So many hours, days, years went in to preparing for this one exam. My momma sat in the car interceding for me. There is so much power in a parents prayer. Until marriage they are the spiritual covering over our lives that is in all actuality prophesying into our future. As a husband and wife pray together God is pleased because He says that “when two of you on earth agree and ask it will be done for them, where they gather in my name, there I am with them.” (Matthew 18:18-20) Which leads me to what my daddy told me after the exam completed and the computer shut off at question #83! He said that during my exam he walked and prayed 7 times around that building. “Hope, just like the Israelites circled the city of Jericho until the wall came down, what if they had quit circling after the sixth lap!”


This incident means even more to me now then it did then. A dear friend gave me the book I am currently reading. It is called “Drawing Circles Around Your Children” by Mark Batterson. It is praying until God answers. Prayer can save a generation! It talks about how it is IMPERATIVE to distinguish between your will and Gods will for your children. Basically it needs to pass a two-fold litmus test: your prayers must be in the will of God and for the glory of God. If His command is not our prayer as parents we will not be praying circles around our children yet we will end up walking in our own circles of frustration and loneliness. NO THANKS! Prayer is how we take our hands off and place our children in the hands of God. There is an adult version of this book called “The Circle Maker,” I would recommend this book to any believer who is truly wanting to press in to the Fathers calling over not just their life but for the future generations to come. Circle YOUR Jericho until the walls come down!


I liked this point Batterson makes, “We instinctively attach an ASAP to every prayer and ask God to answer as soon as possible. We need a paradigm shift. We need to start praying ALAT prayers, as long as it takes. Praying parents aren’t just praying that God will keep their children safe, but instead praying that He will make them dangerous for His purposes so they can make a difference in their generation. That is the kind of prayer God loves to answer.” As I am writing this I am forced to wonder if that is the prayer that our parents prayed. Why would coming to India to work against a growing global industry to enter into a place where some of the darkest things exist EVER in a million years be appealing to the average 26 year olds? John and I are ready for change. Change takes many shapes and is never as we may envision, but it is not ours to control. The “it” factor of our lives does not belong to us but to the One who desires our whole heart and to see joy well up in us for an everlasting life. unnamed-6 It is time to dream while you are awake! We must love with every breath that we take for it is not ours it is a gift. However this may look for our family we hope to live fully in this mindset. Tonight we are having a new years celebration here at our home. AND let me just say that thousands of “crackers” (fireworks) will be going off around us in this city. Since we have arrived we have seen a beautiful yet loud and annoying at times display of fireworks. This city is in love with them! One of my favorite holidays is New Years…I actually might say it is my favorite. We will welcome 2014 in with some form of music/worship/jam session, followed by some inspirational words, cookies, coffee, games and of course…TONS of FIREWORKS! We received a package this morning from my friend Emily Dyce!!! It was filled with SO MANY goodies. Emily, thank you for taking time to send us such a special gift. John has already hidden his beef jerky and I my gummi bears! I cannot wait to start sewing for the baby with the new needles and thread. Your card and words of encouragement will be read more than once. So thankful for your friendship:) unnamed-9 This year of 2014 brings many unexpected surprises our way! Our first child is growing daily in my womb and it is the most miraculous journey I have beheld. John and I are so eager to hold our little sunshine in our arms. We have begun our prayer circles and want to pray with our child on a daily basis releasing them into a realm of glory that we as humans cannot offer. MAY YOU ALL HAVE A BEAUTIFUL NEW YEAR FULL OF ENCOMPASSING LOVE! John_Hope_2013_bride_groom_030 If you would like to support Hope Again International please follow this link and click the donate tab. 100% of your donation is focused towards ending a battle of injustice and participating in the restoration of our future children at Homeland for Hope!


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  1. Love reading your blog and hearing about all that you are experiencing. You and Jon are doing a wonderful job there. Keep up the good work. Continue to keep us informed. You are truly missed here. Paul and Jessica especially miss seeing you. Praying for you as you continue your journey there. May God bless and keep you safe in 2014.

  2. God is truly blessing you in this endeavor…..which might not be smooth sailing along the way, but with Him anything is possible. We miss you so and pray for your good health and protection.

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