RELEASED from bed rest! Your prayers have been answered, complete healing has taken place. Our little sunshine is growing beautifully! This past week we had the anomaly ultrasound and an appointment with my doctor. As we saw our baby’s ten fingers and ten toes, the facets of the spinal column, and the strong ventricles of the heart we were again in complete awe of the miracle of conception. Praying daily that this baby will be a reflector of Gods glory and a walking inspiration to the future generation.


Domestically, we held our Hope Again International board meeting Saturday. Brittany and I were present via Skype (thank you India wifi!). This spring, our organization will be leading a training seminar for over 800 of Nashville’s metro law enforcement. We are ecstatic about this opportunity to be present in our community with men and women who can make an impact through their career. This conference will be lead by one of our board members, Olivia Canter. To receive updates on our events and projects held stateside please visit our website ! This month we will be undergoing website construction so please bear with us, I assure you the outcome will be worth it. NEW threads (T-shirts;) are coming soon, which means a NEW logo, but we need your help in selling the remainder of what we have left. This is your last chance for our hand designed tree shirt. You can purchase them under the MARKET tab at for only $15.


(other color, neckline, and sleeve options available!)

We are believing and resting on the promises the Father has given. “O let the nations be glad and sing for joy!” (Psalm 67:4) Hope and I want to express how thankful we are for this opportunity to be investing our lives into this non profit organization. Children will see and know a living God through complete holistic restoration. Homeland of Hope can offer that. Next week we travel by train south to view property and meet with other NGO’s who are experienced in the land. We have been told that where we are traveling children of the red light district are younger than in the city which we are living now. As we said before, these children will need relocated placement for their safety. Child sex slavery is disguised in each state differently. Where we are headed, there are bungalows on the beach selling cloth and jewelry. When an offer is made it is said that it will be proposed as: “If you want this cloth it is 200 rupees, but for 300 rupees you can have/use me and take this cloth.” Can you imagine? The exchange rate is 60 rupees = $1.


Human lives are being sold. This is slavery. Its existence knows NO borders. Slavery exists in every part of the world in multiple forms. Please take a stand with us for children globally! However that looks for you and in whatever capacity you can please join us in this fight for justice. If you are interested in volunteering your talent/profession or time please message us at and share with us your passions.


Currently we are raising funds for our first Homeland for Hope building project! WE NEED YOUR HELP so that we can relocate children trapped in this dark industry. Hope Again International does not do raids but instead works with local NGO’s and government who triumph the rescue process. At this time we are focused purely on the restoration process. Advocacy, education and empowerment are crucial; it is only after healing physically, mentally, spiritually, and artistically that we can attain this. Your gift is 100% for the project of Homeland for Hope! Donations can be received through Paypal at OR you can contact our Treasurer Jessy Anderson at to set up a direct bank to bank electronic transfer. Financial gifts can be reoccurring or one time. Every $1 is one step closer to saving a child.


(Our friend’s precious son came for a visit!)


(Our International Director’s Vinod and Rekha spoke this Sunday!)

John and I have taken a step of faith in the area of funds. We have joined a company called AdvoCare. Raising funds in a third world country is not easy. We are 100% volunteer based. This venture will allow us to be self supportive and keep us pursing our purpose. AdvoCare is a premier health and wellness company offering world-class energy, weight-loss, and nutrition. We have done the “Can You 24” workouts and 10 day colon cleanse prior to moving to India and we are currently taking their ProBiotic, Multivitamin, Omega Oils, Protein shakes, and Spark Energy! These products truly work. They are packed with the highest quality ingredients on the market and we would not recommend another product over AdvoCare, and not just because we are now distributing them. If you are needing a nutritional supplement and are wanting to support us in the process all of our products are found here I highly encourage the 24 minute daily workout! Just wanted to share with you what is happening in our family. Thank you for your love and support!



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