Three days in Hyderabad! This trip was found to be fruitful and opened more than one door for Hope Again International. We were privileged to stay with a local family who took such wonderful care of us. They opened their home and cleared their schedules to sow into our hearts. After spending time with them we grew to learn that their non-profit has been in progress for over 21 years and has bore much fruit with over 30 church plants in remote villages, 3 feeding centers, media training and development, along with many other community outreaches to the locals of Andhra Pradesh focusing on women and orphans. During our time we went to feeding centers, met with an architect, researched the area, spoke with NGO leaders, learned the government regulations for the state AND looked at land!


The land was exactly what John and I had envisioned for a children’s home. It was about 50 kilometers outside of the city of Hyderabad (approximately 31 miles for those of us whose brains may not think metrically). Could this be the land for Homeland for Hope? Well that is what we are evaluating thoroughly! We are taking into consideration zoning laws, governmental criteria, and many other key factors that are critical in home establishment. I wanted to share this with you so that you can be warring for us in prayer on this issue. It is just as God promised, “I will give you the land!” At this time, we are staying in close communication with this family. We are believing for funding to build and are continuing our research here in Pune. This land could very well be our second children’s home in India. There was peace as we walked the land and prayed over the earth that we stood upon.

God has brought us this far. He is not going to leave us now. Even when it looks impossible and everything surrounding us says this project could take years we know we are called here for “such a time as this.” A team is rising up here in this country and it is liberating to see each piece coming together. We will not back down but will take each step in faith for the completion of this first home establishment. He has called us to trust. That means not knowing every step. In India that also means growing in patience in every area of life. We are not growing weary! Instead we are stepping forth knowing that our steps are being directed by the One who loves the lives of our future children EVEN MORE than we already do.


We leave for Israel tomorrow! There we will be spending time with family, friends, renewing our travel visas, seeking the face of God and resting in His presence. Looking forward to sharing with you when we return. Once back in Pune we will be looking at land outside of the city here and meeting with an NGO here seeking partnership for the rescue process of the children. In the United States we are approaching our 4 year anniversary as a 501(c)3! However here in India we are approaching our 4 month anniversary…to briefly explain, we must be operating in India for 3 solid years gaining experience and being followed closely by the government to be listed in the Women and Child Welfare Department referral listing. We want this! To be registered with the Women and Child Welfare Department will give us full custody of our children for Homeland for Hope. The beautiful part is we can get started and start receiving children, especially if we partner with an NGO with 3+ years of experience and approval. If we wanted to do things the quick way we could hold a full guardianship title, but we have learned that many things arise and the children can be taken back or worse you can be shut down for various reasons. Our goal first and foremost is HONESTY…and here not many things within the system are being ran this way. We are inquiring from experienced individuals here and making learning our number one priority so that we are functioning legally on every spectrum. Integrity must be valued. God can accelerate the process, we know that and have been seeing that.


Never did John and I see ourselves as pioneers in a third world country. However it is what is being asked of us at this time and to be truthful it is an honor. Challenging and growing for sure but ultimately we are deeply honored to be apart of what the Father is doing here. When our land has been claimed for Hope Again International and our very first Homeland for Hope is standing before our tear filled eyes all of the preparation, the sweat, the foundation building will have been worth every minute. I cannot imagine how WE (all of you who are continuing to sow into this home) will feel as children fill this home and their lives are transformed to know their identity in the Creator.

Just this week our International Directors here have received a call stating that a 15 day old little baby girl was found in a dumpster, ants were crawling all over her, she had many bites and was taken to the nearest hospital where she is receiving care for the next few days…as the government takes her into their custody for the next three months please be praying for the right family to adopt her as their own. Where is the value of life? Are we valuing our own life? The time that we have here on earth, are we looking at each moment with eyes in the present or are we too consumed with the next moment. I urge you to live this life in the present moment, to invest your time into the things that bring fulfillment to not only yourself but those around you. We are called to love. That is our purpose here.


  • Our family is growing and we want to share it with you! To follow our journey through pregnancy here in India and to locate our baby registry click here > wearenowthree.com and http://babyli.st/baby-borthick ! To give to Hope Again International 501(c)3 where 100% of your donation is for the cause and only used for this project click here > http://www.hopeagaininternational.org/donate.htm and finally to support our family while living in India you may do so here > https://www.paypal.com/ click “send” and simply enter our email address love.johnandhope@gmail.com and desired amount.




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  1. (John Spurgeon) Thought you might find this article interesting since you were just in Hyderabad. John & Hope are friends working in India to set up an orphanage for human/sex trafficking. They’re from Springfield, TN and will be coming back to Nashville in Fall of this year.

    (John & Hope) John S works the prison ministry here @ New Vision Baptist Church where Summer and I attend here in M’Boro, TN. John is from India and his earthly father is a well-known pastor in India. Just thought it never hurts for us a the Body of Christ to be connected. Never know when we could help each other.

    As always, sending my prayers for advancement of the Kingdom in India and for God’s hand to be with y’all.

    Love, Chris

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  2. That looks like a great piece of land. I will be praying for everything to work out quickly so yall can continue to move forward. I am so happy and so proud of you! You are one great woman of God! You can do anything. Love you girl.

  3. Bro. Chris, I would love to connect and know the local family address My contact number in India is 7799888889 I’m traveling back to US on march 12

    Trusting God can turn a trial into a triumph

    In His Kingdom work, Pastor John Spurgeon Prison & Law enforcement ministries

    New Vision Baptist Church Office: 615-895-7167, ext 2243 Cell: 615-977-8513

  4. When do you expect to be ready for non-immediate family visitors from Tennessee? Guy


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