We are back in INDIA and have hit the ground running…or waddling!


This is true, He is the author and the finisher. He will see all things to completion. We must first fix our attention on what He is saying right now, in this moment. In this moment what is the Father saying to you? He is interested in this moment. Being raised in a society that is consistently looking to the future instead of the present can completely eliminate the very thing He desires to lead us into. That very thing may determine our future or remodel what we thought should in fact be our future. I want to say this…He is interested in you. He is SO interested in you. If there is anything that I desire for you (along with my family) is that we dispose of busyness. It is the one thing that keeps us from true relationship. He is about relationship, with us and through us. As we invest in each other we are investing into the kingdom. Who has invested in you? Who have you invested into? Relationship holds value and I urge you to invest in what you are passionate about. During this time in India we have grown to know it is a sacrifice to invest into things that are not tangible but it has been a beautiful time of learning for our family. Every day I miss my family. I miss the friends and mentors that have invested in me. This has been a season for us to invest into others. Invest may have multiple meanings to you the reader. For us to “invest” we are not speaking of investing financially or in stock, rather to impart love through quality communication and freely giving our most valuable resource…time.


As you know, we are currently growing our family in a third world country. The challenges we face in an unknown land are ceaseless. Yesterday, we were just saying how every success with Hope Again International here has completely and 100% been God’s doings. With our lack of citizenship and language barrier we stand to face a giant. It is not our strength that has progressed us this far. I want to give full honor to whom honor is due in hopes to inspire you to seek after the impossible. We must reserve our hearts for the eternal. Discouragement comes easily to those whose trust is not in the higher. So again I say, we will not loose hope nor will we abandon ship in a time when challenges come.

For the next three years we are in an observation period here in India. As an established trust with the government we have full rights to begin Homeland for Hope! The filing of paperwork took nearly three years to come to fulfillment, we received the signature of documents in hand one week after arriving to India! Perfect timing huh? In November, after becoming established with the government we began a new period of three years for other assets we have become aware of while living here. Filing for FCRA status will take three years and registration with the Women and Child Welfare Department will also take three years.

  • FCRA status will allow us to fundraise internationally. In the meantime, we are meeting with local investors and major corporations to receive funding from within the country. Hope Again International aspires to see each country support their children at hand, to take ownership in their homeland.
  • Registering with the Women and Child Welfare Department has been recommended and is critical for our organization. With this registration not only will we have complete legal custody of the child, instead of guardianship, we will be able to provide our services to the children in state custody with specific trauma within the child trafficking arena.


In the meantime, we can begin our Homeland for Hope! First things first. We need proper funding within the country of India. Our home can begin once funding is received. Hope Again International will need to be under an umbrella system with another organization with equal zone of purpose and experience. There are two specific NGO’s that we are meeting with this month to request partnership for the following three years. This means that we will function under their supervision by the government but will be recognized as Hope Again International. We will then be monitored by the government for three years until status is completed. Many organizations do not go through this process which for them can result in dissolution and a high percentage of reclaimed children or runways. We have been led to this decision of applying for FCRA and Women and Child Welfare Department by much mentorship, research, and prayer.

  • This week we have received an offer to make a pitch to a multibillion dollar company that is sustaining the majority of India. Our documents and statement of purpose is being delivered tomorrow to the company and we will await an interview date for the month of April.
  • Next week we are meeting with our architect to finalize our requirements for Homeland for Hope. We are exited to share blueprints with you once finalized.





the day we wed





Our visa run to Israel was an incredible time of refreshing! On March 3rd we celebrated our 1 year anniversary! This has been the best year of our lives:) We were able to spend time with Hope’s parents and some friends from the area. A highlight was hearing Papa Don Finto speak at Christ’s Church in Old City. Some of the places we visited were The Sea of Galilee, Nazareth, Dead Sea, En Gedi, Masada, Mount of Olives, Old Jaffa, Wailing Wall, Garden of Gesthemene, Tiberias, Bethsaida, Judean Dessert, City of David and of course Jerusalem. Even clean tap water, air conditioning, functioning electricity, and bathtubs were greatly appreciated. Thanks to red meat and incredible Israeli food our baby gained lots of weight while away and is currently weighing 3 lbs (1.347 kg to be exact) at 29 weeks! The due date for Baby Borthick has been moved up about a week to June 2nd. The sex is still a mystery to us all, but we have decided on a boys name and a girls name. When Hope’s parents arrived they showered us with cards and some beautiful baby items that you have mailed and have hand made. We are extremely thankful for you and for remembering us during this special time. Looking forward to seeing you all upon our return to the US. Blog releases will return to Sundays, thank you for investing in us by reading our about our journey here in India!




2 responses to “time.

  1. Hope and John,
    The GA’s are continuing to ask God to keep you healthy and safe. Also we are praying for the orphanage and thanking God for all that has been accomplished. We have a little money the children have collected over the past few months and will give to Mrs. Wanda. They haven’t forgotten your example of what a quarter can buy in India.
    God is continuing to guide the orphanage endeavor and we will continue to pray for His guidance, as he shows you each step to take.
    May God bless you daily.

    The GA’s of Cedar Hill Baptist Church
    Kim Bibb, Rachel Gamble, Maria VanderHengst, and Penny Johnson

  2. I am so incredibly happy and excited for you two- and to see all God is doing through you. You both continue to be such an encouragement to me as I and my fiancé prepare to follow in your footsteps. When I read about what God is doing and has done in your lives, it reminds me to keep the bar of what He can accomplish in us set high. Continuing to keep you three in our prayers :).
    With Love,

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