|||1||| vulnerable




|||1||| If I had a $ for every time one of my dance students have asked “Mrs. Hope, is there another baby in your belly?” ||| Tomorrow begins the l o n g journey of closing my diastasis recti. Ladies, have you had a baby and STILL look pregnant? Well, I am going to get vulnerable and walk you through my healing.

What is a diastasis recti? I will answer that tomorrow. Stay tuned. #diastasisrecti #twoundertwo #postpartumbody #postpartum #postpartumhealing #closingmydiastasisrecti #doitforyourhealth #mommylife #mommybody #feelingvunerable #dedication #homebirth #homebirthmama #loveyourbody #rootschildbirth #mamaworkout #babybelly

One response to “|||1||| vulnerable

  1. Brittney did that with great results.  Good luck!

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