Hope Again turns 5!

Hope Again International turned 5 years old yesterday! So much has happened in the last five years and we are eager to see an acceleration in this new season.

  • We have delivered 9 fine arts events
  • Directed 5 dance performances to raise awareness
  • Joined up with leading anti trafficking organizations such as End Slavery TN, Thistle Farms and Hope for Justice
  • Traveled to various parts of India twice, worked in the Red Light District seeing hundreds of young women and children bound to brothels
  • Ran a seasonal program for second generation trafficked children teaching art and dance as a creative outlet
  • Held a teaching seminar for Metro Police Force with a task team against human trafficking
  • Presented on Global Human Trafficking to college students at MTSU, Belmont University, Cumberland University and Motlow State in hopes to initiate action and educate others
  • Completed crucial paperwork internationally for the beginning of Homeland for Hope
  • Privileged to work with over 400 volunteers for Hope Again International
  • Hosted a free medical camp in the slums of New Delhi, India in the summer of 2011
  • Our personal accomplishment:
    John and I had our first child, a son, Judah


We love because HE first loved us!

LAST MONTH we were apart of an event at The Post in East Nashville where music, art and dance were on full display for JUSTICE! We had a blast and we’re thankful to have seen so many faces come out and show their support for the organizations present and more importantly children globally.

During winter, we had an advocate for Hope Again campaign our music compilation disc across the state of Indiana to numerous coffee shops where she was not turned away by one! Each shop is currently hosting a display informing customers on human trafficking + our cd of local artist that was arranged in 2013. We are now close to being sold out and have had requests for more. A huge thank you to our artist that contributed to that project, your efforts are still making a difference through your voices and instruments of hope. An extra thank you to Charla Rainey for directing this project and gifting her time and recording connections to see it to completion!

This upcoming year we have been asked to provide training for staff in 3 different hospitals across Middle Tennessee on how to identify the indicators of human trafficking and how to assist victims. As a nurse, I look forward to partnering with my co-workers to see a dramatic change in the medical fields response to identifying, assessing and treating our states trafficked children.

John and I have invested the last 4 months in a class/training called Heart-Sync with teachers Denise Hughes and Ginger Ludlow. Heart-Sync is a counseling tool that aligns trauma in the heart to scripture and the love of Jesus where our original identity comes forth and promotes overall healing. It is a powerful tool to be used in our future Hope Again homes and we are looking forward to the fruit it will bring in so many lives.

This is JUST A GLIMPSE of what has been happening in our world and as this new season brings change we ask that you keep praying for our organization. It truly is the best gift you can give because it is extremely powerful and wow, have we ever seen it work!

STAY TUNED. Updates will be released on the first Sunday of the month. Sow into local organizations that you are passionate about, I assure you, their efforts are not fruitless.


J & H + J

One response to “Hope Again turns 5!

  1. Love seeing all you’re doing! I live close to The Post and was sad when I realized I’d be out of town for your event. Let me know if you ever need any volunteer help. Judah is adorable — hope you’re doing well!

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