Namaste…Hi ya’ll, we are HOME! Wow…we have taken a breath of fresh air. It is beautiful to return to a place with such a loving family and community of friends. Everything is SO GREEN! There is so much to share and we are not sure where to begin. So let’s start with a virtual hug to all of our readers. Your consistency with us during our journey to India has rocked our hearts. We feel honored to share with you the visions that Papa has laid upon us but also be REAL with you and vulnerable so that our lives might encourage you in some capacity.

The big question is…”When are you going back to India?”

Well, at this time we cannot say what month we will return or for how long we will stay but there is still much work to be accomplished. Hope Again International is still operating without our presence. We are working in the Red Light District weekly with the children born in the brothels “2nd generation trafficked children.” These babes (3-8 years old) come every week for a two part class with us (Hope Again International) where we offer Dance and Art to promote an outlet for expression, healing, and life! We are excited about this. Relationship must be built within the brothel community to establish trust with the mothers and the brothel owners. You may be asking…”Well why don’t you just take the kids out of the brothels, give them a safe home, and a new life?” Our response: It is not that easy. According to Indian government, the safest place for ANY child is with the biological mother. Even if she has chosen to be a sex slave as her occupation, even if she has other options for her child??? YES. I will go into further detail about our process to promote a healthy, legal transition for our future Hope Again International children in our next blog.

John and I are expecting our sweet sunshine any day now…
We have decided to have a natural home birth! If you would like to read our journey through pregnancy in India and our soon to be birth story with pictures of the newest addition to our family then follow us at wearenowthree.com .


john and hope

2 responses to “home.

  1. It looks like you are about to pop! I love your belly. You look just as beautiful 9 months pregnant as you did before pregnancy. You make it look easy. I sure hope I get to see you before you go back to India. I love you girl.

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