|||3||| ripped


|||3||| WHY should I close my diastasis?

Well, personally pregnancy is beautiful and a very spiritual time of life BUT after my babies are earth side I would prefer not to look pregnant.

Take a breath. Your body can return to what it once was, with a little time, tenderness and dedication. WHAT other reasons do I have for wanting to close my (oh so) ripped {and not in the good sense of the word} abdominals? It’s crucial to close the gap, because when our rectus abdominals are separated it leaves our pelvis very unstable, which can eventually lead to lower-back and hip pain and will make it hard to strengthen and flatten our abs. This leaves our organs exposed and unsupported which can cause a hernia. (I don’t know about you, but I don’t have time for that!)
Over the next few days I will discuss in greater detail what the healing process looks like + map out a plan for myself and any of you mamas interested. Then for 12 weeks I will check in each Monday and Friday @ lovejohnandhope.com where you can follow/join in on the excitement (because the truth is discovering and pursuing healing is exciting (even with frustration, sweat and tears). Community is at the CORE (pun-intended) of my heart so doing this together is a great way to stay committed! Hoping to encourage and empower you so we can cherish our mom-bods instead of letting them control us. #diastasisrecti #diastasis #twoundertwo #postpartum #postpartumbody #pregnancy #healingmama #closingmydiastasisrecti #loveyourbody #mummytummy #cherishyourbody #coreworkout #doitforyourhealth #mombod #mommylife

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