|||6||| start


|||6||| start

Today is Friday! And there are over 40 women who have contacted me this week with a DR (diastasis recti). < Did you think you and your mummy tummy were all alone? I did! > We are fearfully and wonderfully made women seeking healing in our bodies so don’t get all “judgy” with yourself. Week by week we will make gradual progression and that may look different for each one of us. Be patient with yourself, you are worth more than gold.

I’m a pen and paper kinda gal so I am using my “seize the day” journal. For all you techies out there you may prefer a video log on your phone or computer.

Put your body in the right place. Think neutral and natural. Un-tuck your bum and pay attention to how you sit, stand, and walk. Vertical positions, no slouching.

3| WALK.
A short walk every day (in the fresh air preferably) circulation is key to healing. Take 10 minutes and walk. Daily motion!

Adequate rest and fresh foods are important. We will discuss positions for sleep + foods that help and hinder your belly.

Take a picture TODAY of your before self (no worries you don’t have to share it) this is for you. We need an accurate front + side photo of ourselves to see our progress.

NO-NO List:
No high-heel shoes
No leg lifts
No crunches
No planks
No extreme exercise (weight lifting etc)

••• MEASURE •••
Lying on your back your DR may look like a cone shape when you lift your head and shoulders off the floor. Feel the space between the right and left abdominal muscles. How many fingers can fit in the width? When your belly is full it will be more pronounced. It can be extremely tender to the touch and painful when lying on your tummy (please do not lay face down this will cause increased abdominal pressure and will worsen your DR).

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