|||7||| week one



OK!!! > Repeat after me, “Today, I am hardCORE. I want to close my diastasis.”

(We will do CORE every day for the total 12 weeks and each week we will switch up the exercises to keep it interesting and to gradually build strength) Each Monday I will blog our new CORE and on Fridays blog to open up discussion + review my progress. Let this become a positive part to your day. It only takes 10 MINUTES! + they are SUPER EASY! I am using a kitchen timer and setting it for a MINUTE for each bullet below.

* Lay on your back, hands on abdomen pull belly button to spine. Pulling in on the inhale (hold 3 counts) then release on the exhale.
* Lay on your back, knees bent and feet flat to the floor. Pull one knee in at a time (keeping your focus on the core belly to spine) hold for 3 counts and release. Alternate legs.
* Lay on your back, knees bent and feet flat to the floor. Place a ball or pillow between your knees and squeezing the ball together draw your belly button to spine, find your undercarriage and use your inner thighs only. Maintain a neutral spine, your pelvic floor is doing the work here. Keep your lower ribs in contact with the floor.
* Lay on your back, knees bent and feet flat to the floor. Place a ball or pillow between your knees and lift your hips up off the floor and squeeze the ball. Now, when you exhale squeeze the ball and draw the belly button to the spine.
* Squats. Place heels on a pillow to slightly raise them off the floor. Belly to spine. Inhale on the way down and exhale on the way up. Weight in your heels. Keep your spine neutral and don’t go down too far.
* Stand on a step. Keep one foot on step and one foot hanging off. Feet are parallel. Hold foot off floor and balance, keeping belly to spine and core engaged. Hips level. Switch leg.
* Standing. Feet hip width apart. Keep pelvis and pubic bone stacked over the hip bones. Breath in for 3 counts releasing the belly and exhale for 3 counts blowing air out as if you are whistling forcefully. With each blow of air pull the belly back, back, back as it comes closer closer closer to the spine.
* Sitting straight up on the edge of a chair. Feet apart, parallel. Hands resting on thighs pull belly half way to spine and release. Then pull belly to full spine and hold for 5 counts (you are breathing through all of this;) release. Repeat.
* Standing tall. Feet hip width apart. Hands on belly. Pull belly to spine then lift one leg straight in front about 3 inches off the floor, flexed foot. Hold 10 counts, return to floor keeping belly to spine release belly from spine while taking a deep breath. Repeat other side.
* Repeat your FAVORITE!

Remember: Wear your belt if you want or take it off keeping hands on abdominal muscles so you can feel everything that is happening. After CORE exercise place your belt back on and go drink a glass of water.

**I have decided my reminder for belly to spine will be every time I walk through a doorway (we have lots, and I mean LOTS of doorways in our little farmhouse).***

(tomorrow I am going to make an additional posts in what foods help/hinder our mummy tummy) truth: it’s NOT all FAT…this is a muscle issue!
truth: what you eat CAN actually help…so let’s focus on the good stuff

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