|||9||| fri-yay


|||9||| fri-yay

It’s FRIDAY! It’s also 4th of July weekend, which happens to be my favorite holiday. That means lots of family + friends as well as barbecue + homemade ice cream.

Don’t even think this is a blog about dieting, because it’s not. Of course, let’s not go crazy on the sweets. Make healthy choices AND don’t forget to do your CORE exercises + hydration + walking!

Let’s talk about this week. How did it go? Did you take your before selfie, order your belt and begin new behavioral habits?


(photo “mummy tummy” taken 6/24/16)

For me, finding just 10 MINUTES a day wasn’t easy. With 2 babies under 2 years my “regimen” wasn’t really regimented {insert errrrh face here}. But let’s get reeeeal, many of us don’t have a set 10 minutes to ourself a day. If you do, great! Value it and stay committed. For the rest of us it may look something like this…

* Squats while giving your 2 year old a bath.
* Toe rises while in line at the grocery store.
* Belly to spine while nursing your baby.

IT’S OK! BREATHE. You are doing something great for your health by working towards closing your diastasis.

On Monday, we will increase our time by an extra 5 minutes a day to our routine for a total of 15 MINUTES a day. So whether you do it after your household is asleep or during your lunch break (what’s a lunch break?) know that you are worth it.

The MAIN concentration for these 12 weeks is to keep your focus on your CORE (the choir sings, duhh) but what I mean by that is focus on your posture, belly to spine, neutral, natural, log roll to get out of bed, use knees to bend to floor, no crunches, no high heel shoes etc.

I have had a few women request pictures/videos…here goes Hope diving into the vulnerable pool, SO it’s about to get up close and personal. Monday is our focus blog and Friday is our accountability day. Send me your thoughts and questions @ love.johnandhope@gmail.com or post comments here at lovejohnandhope.com! I will contact you within 24 hours or less of any and all messages you send my way.

Let’s keep it a community y’all. Be vocal. Share this with another mama friend and do it together. I am not doing this for mullah or advertisement – it is solely my journey to close my diastasis. My hope is the majority of you 43 women will find what works for your body + see change for yourself! Contact me, please. I need the encouragement too.


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