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I am currently sitting in a display chair at SAMs nursing Zara. Judah with sucker in hand is pointing to all of the massive blow up pool toys enthusiastically saying “woooow mommie!” Our cart is piled high with necessities for our dance studio (toilet paper, trash bags, dum-dums etc) AND I am finallllly beginning this weeks blog. Mom-life?! I know you understand.

Whew. Hope you had a wonderful 4th! We have had dear friends in from out of town so remembering to focus on my diastasis has been a bit hard. I skipped my core exercise yesterday but definitely got my short walk in out on the farm with a killer sunset backdrop to boot. Totally forgot my brace at home so my back is paying for it today:/


Continue the core exercise from last week but add an extra 5 minutes of belly to spine exercises. You can spread them out through your day. Take a pic of yourself standing sideways so you can see where you were at week two. I am already seeing some difference and that has really encouraged me!

Friday I will have pictures/videos for you and you can use those daily for your core reference. There are currently two systems I highly recommend if you want to take this to a whole new level now or after this 12 week blog.

* Tupler Technique
* MuTu System

What I have noticed so far:
Walking gets me motivated.
Brace decreases my back pain.
Proper standing is key.
Sleeping on back decreases belly pain.
Water water water.
Sweets + gluten bloat my tummy.
High heel shoes are my enemy.
Complaining doesn’t help.
Reward yourself!

I really am starting to embrace the belly to spine routine. The visualization of an arrow piercing through in fluid motion aids my technique. Doing these throughout the day in sets of 10 whenever I think of it doesn’t seem like work.

Note to self: Do not buy SAMs uncomfortable display chair.

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