|||11||| sixteen

|||11||| sixteen

Excited it’s the weekend? This girl is! And I have some good stuff for you. Our new CORE routine is included and an excellent demo provided by Aimee Shilling along with a message from Julie Tupler (the DR expert)!

This is a FREE 8 minute clip provided by Julie Tupler titled “Can exercise hurt your diastasis? Yes.” I found it helpful!

I have found a great DR exercise posted by a mother of 4 who has experienced DR firsthand. It is SIMPLE and SUPER EASY to follow. Dedicate the time to these 4 concise DR exercises and you are sure to see change within this next week. Please ONLY do the (2) beginner and (2) moderate demos. Spend 2 minutes on each exercise for a total of 8 minutes twice a day. {if finding 16 minutes a day is difficult break it up into 4 minutes 4x a day}

We are talking 16 minutes here, that’s it! Remember that circulation and hydration are essential to the healing process. Get out! Go for a brisk walk and always keep H2O in hand;)

I know it’s the weekend but hey, lets get a jump start and do this today and tomorrow. Take Sunday as holiday then dedicate your week to your new 16 min DR routine. Monday’s blog will be written from the beach, expect some ocean inspiration!

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