|||15||| kick-start

|||15||| kick-start


Your belly button is the weakest point. The organs push through the connective tissue increasing intra abdominal pressure which increases your diastasis.

I am going to follow the Tupler Technique which is a (4) step program. It is 18 weeks long, which sounds like an eternity but what I love is the creator breaks it down and so all I need to focus on presently is the first 3 weeks. I do the SAME THING for 3 weeks. It’s simple and my lifestyle needs that. It directs the focus to my back, belly, and pelvic floor. There is a connection between the three!

This program teaches ongoing conscious awareness of your abdominals. Movement that is forward and forceful will make your DR larger. Julie Tupler recommends for the first three weeks you do the exercises from a seated or standing position only. I prefer standing. I personally recommend doing these exercises barefoot in efforts to keep your stance as neutral as possible.

While strengthening the transverse muscle you want to keep your shoulders lined with your hips, keep your back still during the exercise, and keep your hands on your DR to double splint. Lastly, she recommends you visualize the muscles coming together. If you are sitting on the floor sit Indian style or up against a wall to keep your back from bulging as this offers extra support. My shoulders tend to become r e a l l y tense – so remember to relax your head and shoulders.

HERES THE GOLD…it’s called the “Elevator Exercise” (wear your splint)!
Pull your belly button to spine (from 1st to 5th floor, then hold). While holding, count to 30 out loud ensuring you breathe throughout the exercise. Then she’s asks you NOT to release, but from 5th floor pull back through your spine to the 6th floor 10x as a mini pulse. Release. Repeat the entire elevator exercise 10x.

(Again, I recommend you purchase this system for yourself. It comes with a proper splint and training dvd. Professional Julie Tupler will walk you through diastasis healing and you WILL see results!) I like that she does the complete exercise with you. There is two other simple exercises she does along with the elevator and she says to do them 3x a day for 3 weeks.

If you are interested in learning proper exercises for your DR journey (plus the added bonus of community) I will be teaching a few in my upcoming Baby Wearing classes at Shalom Movement on Saturday mornings at 10:00 beginning August! Everyone can benefit from these exercises. We will discuss the importance of your pelvic floor before and after baby has arrived.

If you like to count, count. If you’re into some wild techno, then do your thing – time the exercise series to a certain song and use the visualization process.

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