|||14||| discouraged

image|||14||| discouraged
Today as I am back home staring into the mirror I can’t help but be discouraged. My DR seems to have separated back to where is was a few weeks ago. We were at the beach for 10 days and during that time I only wore my belt once…
I realize now more than ever that the belt is more than just a brace of support but it is a reminder to keep my belly to spine. My stance became relaxed, tummy protruded, 26 & 13 lbs of baby on my hip, bending without support, sleeping on my side and belly…I even wore heels a couple of nights! All of these things are my enemies until I completely and correctly close my diastasis recti.

So where do I start from here? Over. I have to start over.
You may find yourself in the same position or hopefully accomplishing the path to healing. Either way, I am learning from my mistakes and realizing that I CAN’T take a day (or 10) off. You guys, my back is killing me again and I look pregnant! I don’t want to live with these classic DR symptoms. I refuse to allow the most beautiful thing such as childbirth to become the downfall to my health. The excuse “well, we have had babies and our bodies will never be the same again” just isn’t entirely truth. Parts of us WILL never be the same again but the parts that can must.
Monday I will begin the Tupler Technique program on a daily basis. 7 days a week. I will wear my belt around the clock as recommended by Julie Tupler. This is all about discovering what works and what doesn’t. In addition I will add the MuTu systems CORE workout Monday-Friday.
Now, this sounds like a ton of work right?! It’s not. It is the persistency where the true work resides. This program doesn’t ask you to run miles or do burpees!!! But it does ask for consistency (something I desire in multiple areas of my life).
Once I look over all of the material I will map it out and make it as transparent as possible. My ultimate recommendation is to purchase the system for yourself. If that is not financially possible at this time then feel free to follow my blog. Posts will resume this coming week on Mondays ONLY.
Those hours of birthing my babies were the most real hours I have ever experienced. Now with each new season comes a new set of challenges.

Be encouraged, mama!

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