|||13||| boardwalk


|||13||| boardwalk

Took Zara along for my morning wog (walk-jog) on the boardwalk yesterday. Randomly, we would stop to stretch and get our CORE exercises in. I’m sure there were some sandy viewers enjoying the comical spectacle.

Being at the beach (where people are nearly naked) can bring up a word we are all too familiar with…comparison. Look at your “love lines” and your widened hips and know that those tell a story of life. Each extra pound you carry or carried you did it out of selflessness. Now it’s your turn to allow yourself the time to heal after the beauty (and trauma) of childbirth. You are worth it and the power of motherhood is yours for the taking. Embrace your healing.

Can my diastasis re-open once it has been closed? Yes.

This is a question I have been asked by a few of you. Maybe your mindset, like mine, has been “why close my DR if it is going to re-open during my next pregnancy or once I return to my pre-baby workout?” Well, knowing what increases the separation or cause for a DR will help.

“Just like wearing a cast for a broken bone, you must wear the splint all the time until the connective tissue is healed.  That means it has to be shallow. Shallow connective tissue is defined as less the 2cm depth when checking your diastasis. Having shallow connective tissue means the connective is strong.  Strong connective tissue can withstand force better than weak connective tissue.”
-Julie Tupler

Check out this link http://www.parents.com/pregnancy/my-body/postpartum/diastasis-recti-exercise-dos-and-donts/ for do’s and don’ts when it comes to DR exercises and the possibility of re-opening.

You are already ahead by educating yourself about diastasis recti. Whether you are 7 months or 7 years post baby YOU CAN CLOSE YOUR DIASTASIS! A glimpse into a a body with a DR…

In mom terms, it is that frustrating post-baby pooch that doesn’t go away when the baby weight does and often leads to the “when are you due” question while you are holding your two year old. (Not speaking from experience or anything *ahem*) It is the thing that can keep jeans fitting incorrectly even when you are the same size/weight as pre-pregnancy, and at the extreme, diastasis can be connected to abdominal pain and even pelvic problems. (wellnessmama.com)

In the next blog I am going to share about strengthening your pelvic floor and the MANY positive effects for your DR and overall functioning of our post baby bodies.

Continue your 16 minutes of daily CORE + short daily walk! Increase your water intake and get as much rest (on your back) as your littles will allow. Be conscience of your DR with a neutral posture while keeping your belly to spine.

(This is my journal of closing my DR, it is not meant to be a program but yet an encouragement to other mamas.)



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